Why should I STOP using P2P for music downloads?

Using a P2P client is the equivalent of you holding a sign outside your door saying “Hey i’m sharing illegal music, sue me now!” is it any wonder why? Well let me explain…

Music sharing clients like limewire operate by setting up a kind of bridge between computers so they can access each others files in a fast manner, they do this by grabbing bits of that file from all the computers who have that file on their system. All this starts when someone uploads a file to share, well they don’t really upload it, it stays on there computer they just create a reference on the clients server to that file.

Now, if someone on the other side of the world searches for something that matches the file name, they will see the reference to the file that the first guy has created. Now what many people don’t understand is when you start to download that file from the first guys computer you are now letting other people gain access to your computer and download that file from YOU. Which means you are illegally distributing the music from your computer, you don’t want that to happen, that’s why we’ve created this site devoted to teaching you the art of getting free music downloads legally.

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