It may be possible for you to get free music downloads legally but at what cost?  Do you know that using a free file sharing program puts your online privacy and computer security at risk?  What if unknowingly you download a copyrighted music file and the RIAA goes after you?  And for all the trouble you get highly compressed, relatively low quality, lossless music files.  Are these free music downloads really worth all the trouble?

For those who have spent their last cent on an Apple iPod Touch and having nothing more to spend to purchase music downloads from the iTunes store, it seems you have no other alternative but to get free music downloads legally from the net.  You have no choice but to risk the viruses, malwares, and spoofing.  Either that or you just stare at your iPod Touch for two weeks while saving up for music downloads.

If your anti-virus is updated, careful in opening suspicious files, and with a little luck, you may be on your way to download music files for free without incurring any casualty on your computer system.  In doing so, it is wise to avoid files with extensions like .exe, .dll, .scr, .lnk, .bat, .vbs, .bin, and .cmd, which are usually the ones used by malicious software and viruses.

Now that you have successfully downloaded music files, why is it that you are not satisfied with the sound quality of the download?  Well considering that the download is free of charge, the material is compressed so that it will leave a smaller footprint and a smaller bandwidth to boot.  The benefit is smaller file space required per song and download time is less.  But this is at the expense of lower sound quality.  Will this arrangement do justice to your Apple iPod Touch and Bose Triport OE combination?  Ideally in order to maximize this hardware set-up a low compression high bit rate file is recommended. But this quality music file is hard to come by in free music downloads.

If audiophile quality is what you want, then listen to music CD’s instead.  That combined with a quality CD player and Bose Triport will give you pleasing Hi-Fi sound.  If some trade-off is acceptable for more convenience and portability, then a MP3 music player with quality headphone is advised.  However, as much as possible, get free music downloads legally from the net with less compression so that little is lost from the original score.  Also, direct downloads are better since lossless files degrade through subsequent copies.


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