The saying goes “the best things in life are free”.  I think you will agree with me that this holds true for music downloads as well.  So it is advisable to know the best free music download sites.  Google free music download site and you will be greeted with 256,000,000 results.  That means that you have tons and tons of options to choose from.  But how do you actually go about choosing where to download your preferred music genre?

In choosing the site, the most important criterion is does it carry the type of songs you’re interested in?  Other considerations are secondary since the objective of the whole exercise is to download your preferred songs and not what is merely available in a particular site.  Some sites cater to particular song types, like rock, R & B, jazz, etc. or a combination of these.  Others cater to the whole gamut of music types.  Make sure that the songs you are looking for are available in the website you’re considering.

How is the download speed?  The different free music download sites differ in this regard.  But be suspect of very fast download times because this may be at the expense of over compression.  Although this makes for smaller file size and bandwidth, it also results in the degradation of sound quality.  As to whether the quality is acceptable to you or not will depend on how meticulous you are as far as your listening experience is concerned and the quality of your hardware – music player-headphone combination.  Audiophile level hardware necessitates high music quality downloads, which means low compression and high bit rate files.

Some free music download sites profess to have no adware, no spyware and no spam.  Of course this is to your advantage since to most people these are just nuisance.  It is easy to check on the adware and the spam, but unless you have an updated version of the latest anti-virus software, the “no spyware” clause may be difficult to police.

If, like most of us, you are not a techie, a free music download site which offers technical support is most welcome.  But of course you should also look into the quality of the support given.  Generally speaking it should be technically sound, always courteous and friendly.  Needless to say, free music download sites abound.  It is just a question of finding one which is appropriate for you.


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