There are quite a number of free music download sites that offer a wide range of song selection from various artists.  To those who cannot afford the cost of legally downloading from some popular sites, comes a solution.

Try to visit some of these free music download sites; offers a variety of songs from different artist. Not only that downloading is for free, they are fast and secured.  There’s also Jamendo a multilingual site that users from all everywhere can easily accessed.  Available for download is more than 32,000 of albums from different artists.

Free Music Archive is the keeper or guardian for the music that’s in the archive.  Its tag is the social music website guarding the library of free and legal aural and they presently have more than 22,000 songs.   AirMp3 is a search engine which requires submission of keywords.  You will be instantly prompted with free music download sites from the different search engines queried.  The available free music download result is shown in one page and you can just simply browse it from there.

You can also visit the GarageBand, this site has a collection of genres and a huge number of tunes free for download.  Mostly new artists and bands uploadd their tracks and based on the review and rating system, some have made names for themselves.   Another free music download site is the  It is a recognized internet radio music site and they have a wide variety of MP3 downloads for free.  This includes hard to find music and old songs from different genres like the 60’s and the 70’s.

Stereogum is basically for those who enjoy alternative music and videos. This free music download site allows users to download songs from popular artists and at the same time they also feature unknown new and upcoming artists. offers a variety of music and videos along with a short biography of the artist. A free music download site that is definitely worth checking out. They carry music from various popular singers and performers.  Ringtones for your mobile phones can also be downloaded on this site.

For free music download site, Bearshare is one of the safest and secure website.  They offer a wide range of music selection from hard to find to the popular songs from known artists.  It is easy to use and gives quick responses to queries.

With the rise of free music download sites, it is always advised to check out the sites and read the reviews and comments from previous users.  That will give you an idea if the site you visited can be trusted or not.


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