With the controversy going on with piracy and the lawsuit slaps between record companies and p2p software, one can’t help but think about the lawful way of getting music online. Most people will just shrug at the idea since this connotes the thought that they must pay lots of dollars to get songs. Why pay for something that’s free right? Guess what, this article is to give you some info on how to download music for free, and wait for it, LEGALLY! I know it may seem very impossible, but let me share to you some information that I have found over the web.

First of, the issue in downloading music only becomes illegal if the file is copyrighted. So the simple answer to the issue, look for music that is not copyrighted. Right?

Let me cite some examples. Are you aware that Amazon.com has a wide selection of free music that can be downloaded legally? There are over 500 music files that you can get on that site alone. They hove a lot of indie acts who share their craft to everyone.

To all you iPod users, I’m certain you rarely check out iTunes since getting music files from it will cost you. Well, let me give you the great news, iTunes release a “Single of the Week” to introduce up-and-coming artists they even have Spanish singles for those who enjoy the Latino genre. They also have a “Discovery Download” to broaden your listening tastes.

Do you love J-Pop? Muzzie offers Japanese songs legally though it would be helpful if you know how to speak the language since that is what the site is using.

Are you into video games? Soundtracks normally get stuck into your head and a site that can provide you a huge library of video game music is OverClocked ReMix. Some of the songs available are that of Pokémon and scores from Final Fantasy,

One more site that you wouldn’t think of as a possible source of music downloads at no cost that are legal is the very reliable Wikipedia. They have a huge collection of classical music. You can download Bach, Chopin and even Beethoven’s piano scores that can truly titillate your ears. The downside of it though is that I’s format is not supported by most media players but there are tips to convert .ogg file format to mp3.

If you’re into rock and roll, emerging bands share their music on PureVolume for everyone to hear. It’s a chance for them to be known and also get producers to notice them so as music aficionados and their possible future fans, you can also download their cuts for free. Who knows, you might hear the voice of next Bono before he gets signed!

Some artists also give out free copies of their albums for their fans. One of which is Coldplay, whose has nine cuts, including “Fix You” available under “Left Right Left Right Left” which can be downloaded for free on their website. Nine Inch Nails also have one of their albums available for their fans for free.

If you hate getting it from different sites and is used to have software that do it for you. There’s also a p2p software that you can use. LegalTorrents is an “online digital media community” that hosts thousands of music files and as the name implies, it is legit.

So you see? There are a lot of ways to download music for free without breaking the law. Why be guilty when you can get them legally? You just need to be proactive in searching for ways.


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