Music has definitely evolved through the years, from records to cassette tapes to CDS, from the walkman to the MP3 players. People who are into downloading their favorite music from popular music artists are just so overwhelmed with the number of sites for free music downloads legally are currently available.
If you are a music lover, you will definitely enjoy most of these sites because they are safe and you can just download all you want from music to music videos. You can start making your own compilation of your favorite music from various artists from different genres in your computer or in your music player.
Since the popularity of music downloads came along side with it the escalating number of sites with the song’s illegal copies and are made available in the internet. If you are downloading music make sure that you get it from trusted sites only and that your computer is protected from viruses. As much as there are illegal copies floating around in the internet, there are a few trusted sites wherein free music downloads are available legally.
Check out these sites and see for yourself which is the most suitable site for you. One of them is They have more than 7000 songs available that can be legally downloaded for free. For those who like listening to live recordings from different artists, you can visit Live Music Archive. which is more popular to online shoppers also caters to music enthusiasts. They have a collection of tracks that you can download for free. They update they music regularly wherein they make the current popular music available for their users.
Also offering free music downloads legally is Apple’s iTunes music store although normally the songs they offer are mostly from new artists. Check the list of tracks available, they usually vary on wherever location or country you are. If you want to update your current playlist but don’t have the money for it, you can visit Songs from popular artist are available in this site and they are absolutely free.
There are people who are in search of old and timeless songs, go to They have a compilation of copyright music which will definitely be appreciated by the more mature musically inclined people. Napster, is still valued as a safe and secure source of free music downloads legally. Do not hesitate to sign in for a free membership. They are a few restrictions in some of the music just as to be able to protect their producers and artists.


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