Is it really possible to copy music from the internet?  Is it possible to get free music downloads legally?  Will I be infringing on copyright laws when I download music files from the net?  The bottom line is will I get in trouble?  What about my system being exposed to viruses?  Is it worth all the trouble to get free music downloads?

If these questions keep on popping in your head and you are a worrisome type of an individual, you would probably be better off purchasing CD’s of your desired music genre and listening to them in your CD player.  In this manner, you will not be burdened with legalities, copyright laws, and getting in trouble.  You will be able to sleep better at night while listening to high quality music.  Technically speaking, listening to music directly from a CD gives you the best quality music playback since the files are not compressed.  Just make sure that your CD’s are devoid of scratches and your CD player –headset combination is Hi-Fi level.

But what if your entertainment budget is limited and you cannot afford purchasing CD’s?  Well you can purchase music files online for a minimal fee or you can opt to get free music download legally.  Again if you are the worrisome type, the latter could be at the cost of added stress and eventual increase in blood pressure.  Music files purchased online, on the other hand, are oftentimes subject to Digital Rights Management (DRM).  This means that there is a limit to the number of times you can copy or “burn” a song.  This is unlike CD’s where you are at liberty to reproduce at your heart’s content.

Assuming you have accepted the risks involved in getting free music downloads legally, you will have to make sure that downloads are either open licensed or copyrighted but with the permission of the owner.  This will ensure that you will not be legally prosecuted for copyright infringement.  So you have to be careful in choosing your free music download site.  Also, ascertain that downloads are free from viruses and malware, which can compromise your computer system and security.

As regards music quality, MP3 files although acceptable to most, are not at par with CD music output quality.  But to the untrained ear, the difference could be negligible or outright unnoticeable.  To minimize sound degradation, it is advisable to go for less compression and high bit rate music downloads.

Getting free music downloads legally could have its risks but to many of us, it is the most economical alternative.  Just make sure that you take all the necessary precaution to safeguard your computer system and security as well as to avoid lawsuits.


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